How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

Micro Scalp Pigmentation cost varies across the UK with the highest prices typically found in the London area. The major clinics which have branches nationwide charge a premium rate due to their marketing budgets, business growth aims, number of employees etc. Since the beginning of our operation, Skulltec have been able to offer the same level of service based on a fair and affordable pricing strategy. Because of this and of course our excellent micropigmentation results, we have been extremely successful, and our business continues to grow. We have performed hair tattoo procedures for clients across the UK. Our results speak for themselves and our prices make this procedure attainable for the wider market. We also have a very high rate of conversions from word of mouth; clients tell close friends and relatives that they in fact do not have a shaved head, but they have had SMP, and then we are chosen as the provider by other men and women suffering from the same problems because of the quality of our work.

Price Guide

Over the last year we have seen many practitioners popping up here and there  in tattoo studios, eye brow clinics and barbers, offering SMP when perhaps they shouldn’t. We’ve had many clients come to us in need of laser and correction after failed micro pigmentation attempts by other providers who have used the wrong pigments and technique. At Skulltec our hair tattoo procedures are guaranteed, we only use the finest pigment and you are assured of peace of mind.

​The hairline tattoo initial cost is just one factor to consider. Around the five year point you will probably require an aftercare treatment to rejuvenate your procedure. Providing your scalp micro pigmentation was carried out by us, we offer this for only £250. This involves around half a day at the clinic to revive the treatment and have it looking the way it did when it was initially carried out.