When body chemistry changes, when we are inconsistent with sunscreen, when we use certain skin care products, when we add certain medications, or when we go through a hormonal fluctuation or event, everything in the body can change, and this can affect the appearance of a previous permanent makeup treatment—most particularly permanent makeup eyebrows.  It is important for all clients to keep in mind that the face is a very different canvas for the purposes of tattoo than the rest of the body.

In other circumstances, clients may be unhappy with previously work and this will require a corrective approach in order to give them the treatment they desire. 

Corrective work for permanent makeup is a multi-fold approach.  Sometimes clients have had too many treatments or have trusted an artist who did not understand the skin and their pigments, so their treatment shows an oversaturation in the skin.  We can view the skin as something like a cup…meaning that if it becomes too full, there is no more room for additional pigment to correct an unsatisfactory permanent makeup treatment.  In such cases, some of that pigment will need to be extracted—or lightened.  This is decided at your assessment consultation.

However, in cases when the pigment has faded and healed to an off colour, a skilled artist is able to neutralize and counteract that colour.  In doing this, the existing colour is rendered nearly invisible, meaning the artist can then proceed to update your treatment with a more complementary shape and colour, or can wait until the neutralizing process has fully healed and then proceed with a new treatment.

The number of steps to corrective work is all client based.  It is critical to place your trust in an artist who thoroughly understands both colour theory as well as the complexity of the skin and the healing cascade for permanent makeup.

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The Treatment


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Frequently Asked


Does a Cosmetic Eyebrow Procedure hurt?

It can feel a little painful but we use topical anaesthetic to make your procedure as comfortable as possible.

Can I choose the color?

Of course! We discuss everything from color to the shape of your brow. We walk you through the whole process.

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Antiwrinkle or Dermal Filler Injections may be recommended for those clients with extreme asymmetry, muscle movement causing uneven shape and placement, for those requesting perfection where bone structure or loss of volume may restrict or to enhance a more youthful look, shape or placement your pmu design as per your request. Please note, all injectables are administered by a Doctor or Nurse, available at all operating locations, and not performed By Louise PMU.


                Eyebrow Lift – Lifts the arch and tails of eyebrows to correct asymmetry, contribute to a more youthful appearance in shape and placement and reduce hooded eyes

                Frown Lines (Glabella) – Restricts movement between the eyebrows correcting eyebrow asymmetry and imbalance

Forehead Lines – Restricts forehead movement correcting eyebrow asymmetry and imbalance


                Temple Hollowing – Lifts the tails of the eyebrow by restoring the lost volume of the temple area. Restoring your temple volume will also support the crows’ feet around the eyes for a more youthful appearance

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